Chevrolet won't offering buy out EV-refusing dealers

Not all auto dealers are ready or willing to switch to electric cars. Automakers sometimes buy out dealers' franchises. Chevrolet won't join them.

Chevrolet Global VP Scott Bell told The Verge the brand won't do buyouts. Cadillac cut 600 dealerships through buyouts. Buick recently announced dealer buyouts for those not buying EVs. 

As GM subsidiaries, most dealers carry multiple brands. Cadillac and Buick leave only Chevrolet and GMC.

Bell reportedly thinks that's good for Chevrolet, which has a larger dealer network than Buick or Cadillac. Most Chevy dealers already sell the Bolt, indicating they're ready for an electric future. 

Uncertain if Chevrolet will require dealers to make expensive upgrades to sell EVs, a condition for Cadillac dealers to stay with the brand. GMC reportedly doesn't offer buyouts either.

Ford gave its dealers an EV ultimatum similar to Cadillac's, but without a buyout. The dealer investment is $500k to $1.5m. 

Ford dealers have two tiers of EV sales, and if they don't invest, they can still sell Ford vehicles. They can stick with internal combustion and hybrid models for a while.

The electrified Bow Tie lineup will soon include the Silverado EV, Equinox EV, and Blazer EV. If new information emerges, we'll update.