Canada must do more to match global EV sales

BloombergNEF reported that EVs and plug-in hybrids made up 1 in 14 new vehicles registered in Canada in the first half of the year. They were one in eight new vehicles sold worldwide from January to June.

While sales in Canada are lower than other markets, they've improved from one in 20 last year. One in 11 sales globally grew in 2021.

BloombergNEF believes EV and PHEV sales could reach 10.6 million by December. It's a 61% increase from 2021. China made 56% of worldwide sales, Europe 28%, and the US 11%.

Canada wants 60% of new cars to be electric by 2030 and 100% by 2035. This means sales must expand quickly from 55,600 in six months to 480,000.

Brian Kingston, president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association, said Canada's charging infrastructure is lagging.

“We're not EV leaders,” he remarked. If Canada wants to lead and accelerate EV adoption, we must prioritize readiness.

Kingston said EVs require greater government rebates. Quebec and British Columbia should be followed as they offer provincial refunds. These discounts contributed to one in six all-electric vehicles registered in BC from January to June.