2022 Bronco and Ranger have detachable windshields

Ford recalled 63,000 Bronco and Ranger vehicles due to a windshield issue.

In a mishap, the Bronco and Ranger windshields could separate, increasing injury risk.

NHTSA thinks there may not be enough bonding between the windshield and the body structure, but Ford says it doesn't know what's going on.

An owner's complaint prompted Ford to investigate. 39,063 Ford Broncos produced between December 8, 2021 and April 12, 2022 are recalled. Unordered VINs affected affected automobiles. 24,231 Ford Rangers produced between December 17, 2021 and April 12, 2022 were recalled.

The owners of the affected vehicles will be notified between July 11, 2022, and July 15, 2022. They will be told to take their cars to a Ford or Lincoln dealership to have the windshield taken off and put back on using standard service procedures. If necessary, the camera will also be calibrated.

Ford would compensate owners who've already paid for repairs.

Ford Bronco recalls aren't new. 53,103 Broncos were recalled in mid-June because rear doors may be unlocked with the child safety lock on. 1.5% of Bronco models had the fault, according to a Ford plant inspection.

Ford will contact owners on July 25 and advise them to return vehicles to dealers to fix the rear door latch.