British Columbia EV rebates to $4,000

The Canadian province of British Columbia is expanding EV incentives for battery-electric, fuel-cell electric, and long-range plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The government will raise the rebate from CA$3,000 ($2,334) to CA$4,000 ($3,112). The maximum is available to individuals earning less than CA$80,000 ($62,240) or households earning less than CA$125,000 ($97,000).

The refund lowers on a sliding scale up to CA$100,000 ($77,800) in personal income and CA$165,000 ($128,370) in household income.

British Columbia will boost the maximum refund for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles from $1,167 to $1,556.

The head of the New Car Dealers Association of B.C., Blair Qualey, said the improved subsidies will assist lower-income customers buy an EV.

“British Columbia is a leader in zero-emission car sales in North America due to the government and partner agencies' strategic approach,” Qualey said. "The newest reforms ensure those with lower incomes may buy a clean-energy car — wonderful news for the sector, government, and the environment."

The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation says 90% of BC residents are eligible for an EV rebate. When local and federal refunds are combined, they can save CA$9,000 ($7,002).

The refund is only for compact and full-sized cars priced under CA$55,000 ($42,790). However, authorities are working on a new subsidy for EVs up to $70,000 ($54,460), helping consumers who need a larger EV. BC will exclude EVs from provincial sales tax, making them more affordable.