BMW Z4 M40i Manual Considered For US

BMW rumored to equip Z4 M40i with manual transmission. The BMW's Toyota equivalent got a six-speed manual earlier this year. BMW Blog says the BMW model could get a similar improvement.

BMW is reportedly exploring a six-speed manual transmission for the Z4 M40i. Toyota adapted the Z4 sDrive30i's six-speed manual for the Supra's BMW-sourced B58 six-cylinder engine. US-market Toyota offers this combo.

BMW may add a six-speed manual to the Z4 M40i later this year. The coupe will get a slight stylistic update in 2023, which should include a manual transmission. The US could be the Z4's only manual-transmission market.

The BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra share a base, engines, and transmissions from BMW. Both have distinctive styling and driving characteristics.

A manual transmission would be a terrific addition to the Z4 M40i, especially because BMW could stop manufacture at Magna Steyr in Austria in mid-2025.

The plant makes the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra, but the auto industry is turning to electric vehicles, therefore the Z4 may have a limited lifespan. We don't know what BMW could replace it with.

Manual gearboxes are disappearing, along with fun-to-drive cars. Electric vehicles may destroy the transmission, thus this may be your last chance for a manual BMW coupe.