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Traditional big-screen features have followed automakers' larger screen installations. Tesla's Passenger Play lets people play video games on its infotainment system, and BMW is following suit.

AirConsole will bring single-player and multiplayer games to the BMW Curved Display. Switzerland-based AirConsole developed a gaming platform for TVs and in-car entertainment systems. 

Players will control BMW games with their smartphones through the vehicle's entertainment software.

This will help passengers pass the time while waiting. BMW Group Connected Company Development VP Stephan Durach said the tech could make charging a vehicle "fun." BMW and others will implement services to entertain EV passengers during charging.

AirConsole's website emphasizes local multiplayer gaming. It offers 185 PC games, but it's unclear how many will be on BMW's Curved Display. 

Games include Let's Cook Together, Mega Monster Party, GoKartGo! Air!, 8Bit Fiesta, and Burning Rubber 5 Air. Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, and Call of Duty aren't available.

To play, all you need is a smartphone and BMW's curved display. Scanning the code connects the two devices, enabling gameplay. BMW will offer the tech in 2023, but it's unclear which models.

BMW has previously offered in-car entertainment. The automaker unveiled the 31.0-inch BMW Theatre Screen in January. No word yet on whether the Theatre Screen will feature AirConsole games. BMW previewed a screen with an HDMI port for Xbox and PlayStation.