Ariel Hipercar has a gas turbine range extender and 1,180 horsepower

This is the Ariel Hipercar, the latest toy from the British sports car manufacturer behind the Atom trackday weapon and its Nomad off-road twin, and a vehicle that makes even those two appear remotely sane.

Hipercar is Ariel's first coupe and first completely homologated car when it goes on sale in 18 months. The reality is considerably wilder than an Atom with doors and a roof.

Whoa! Nearly 1,200 hp of electric power, 0 to 100 mph in 4.4 seconds, and a gas turbine beneath the seats.

Instead of a spaceframe chassis, the Atom sports a bonded aluminum tub with detachable subframes and butterfly doors. The bodywork features so many aero add-ons, including three vertical fins on the rear end and a variety of surfaces on the nose, that it's hard to see the Hipercar's core design.

Under the skin, it's different from Ariel's other automobiles. Ariel has historically used Honda naturally aspirated and supercharged powertrains and constructed its own V8. Hipercar goes electric.

Each wheel is powered by its own 285 horsepower (220 kW / 299 PS) electric motor (450 Nm). That's 1,185 horsepower (1,192 PS) and 1,327 lb-ft (1,800 Nm), enough to catapult the Hipercar to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 2.09 seconds.

Accelerate it between 60-120 mph (97-193 km/h) in 3.51 seconds, roughly the time a Bugatti Chiron takes to bridge the same speeds.

The Hipercar has an adjustable traction control system and sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, with 2R choices. If 1,185 hp is too much, there's also a two-wheel drive model with 590 hp and 664 lb-ft (900 Nm).