7 Steering-Wheel-Noise Causes

7 Steering-Wheel-Noise Causes

1. Faulty power steering

Power steering noises are frequent while rotating a car's steering wheel. Low power steering fluid or a clogged power steering filter might create these whining noises.

2. Poor steering fluid

Using the wrong power steering fluid type or viscosity might potentially cause problems. Modern power steering systems have stringent tolerances and don't like non-OEM fluids.

3. Upper Strut Bearings

Upper strut bearings can be noisy when worn. These bearings allow front-wheel rotation when cornering.

4. Worn shocks/struts

Shocks and struts are worn components that need replacing. Unreplaced shocks and struts can make a car noisy when cornering or going over uneven surfaces.

5. Front end bushings deterioration

Most front-end steering system components include bushings. Due to wear and dry-rot, these bushings fatigue with time.

6. Failed steering shaft

Steering shafts have one or more u-joints. These u-joints avoid steering shaft binding when angled slightly.

7. Upper steering column bearing fatigue

This bearing eliminates steering column slop and lets the steering wheel turn smoothly. When worn, this bearing causes rubbing or roaring noises and steering wheel play.

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