2023 Mercedes G-Class starts at $139,900, up $8,150

Mercedes-Benz USA prepares model updates for the 2023 model year, and most come with higher starting prices.

The 2023 G-Class is the most expensive 2023 MY Mercedes-Benz product. Let's count.

The G550 trim will start at $139,900 for the new model year, up $8,150 from last year's $131,750. The automaker isn't ready to reveal other 2023 G-Class details, but model year updates will be provided later.

It's unknown if the price increase is due to equipment changes, but it's possible. Mercedes-AMG G63 prices are also forthcoming.

Mercedes-AMG G63 4x42 US launch details are also unknown. The lifted V8-powered off-roader was unveiled in June for $250,000. Where the more capable G-Class will be sold is unknown.

Mercedes has seven new 2023 models. In late 2022, the brand's US dealers will get the EQS sedan, EQS SUV, AMG C43, EQE sedan, AMG EQE, and EQB. The new GLC will arrive early next year.