The Fiat Brazil Fastback is the production version of a concept revealed in November 2018.

2023 Fiat Fastback

It's a tiny SUV that rides on the same MLA platform as the Pulse. It's based on the Argo and Cronos' MP1 architecture.

Its specs are unknown, although it should be similar to the Pulse. It's 4.1 meters long, 1.77 meters wide, and 1.57 meters tall, with a 2.53-meter wheelbase (99.7 inches).

We think the new Fiat Fastback might need wider wheels and longer overhangs. The coupe-SUV won't equal the Pulse's 370-liter (13-cubic-foot) cargo capacity due to its sloping roofline.

The Fastback will reportedly be marketed only with turbocharged engines, a 1.0-liter with 130 hp and a 1.3-liter with 185 hp. Depending on powertrain, the coupe-SUV will have a six-speed automatic or CVT.

Stellantis won't bring the Fastback to Europe to compete with the VW Taigo.

Fiat is more engaged in South America than in Europe, and that's unlikely to change soon.