Safety Working Habits

Safe Working Habits
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Through our experience and observation, most accidents occur through the carelessness of the victim himself.  Hence the prevention of accidents happening to him can be avoided by following a set of simple rules and procedures which are largely derived by from one’s common sense.  Safe working habits can be part of the worker’s normal way of life provided that they are shown the right way in the beginning and right through their working career by continually instilling their sense of awareness for safety and reinforcing their knowledge.  Listed below  are a list of pointers every supervisor should bear in mind and there are definitely more which can be added to this list.
1)                 Correctly Trained Workers
Before commencing work each and every newly recruited worker should be briefed and shown the correct method of work.  They should understand their function and consequences of their failure to perform it before they are assigned to their task.   Supervisors should encourage their workers to refer them for advice if they are not sure of any part of their job duties assigned to them.
2)        Use of Safety Equipment
If personnel protective gear is required, they should be provided and be ensured that they are being used.  Examples of those are safety helmets, footwear, hearing protectors, goggles, nose masks and leather gloves.
3)        Cleanliness and Good Housekeeping
Cleanliness and good housekeeping are part and parcel of safety programme and should not be ignored or neglected.
4)        Proper Attire To Work
Wearing proper attire to work is also important.  Long hair or loose clothing which could be caught by revolving machinery must be discouraged.
5)        Cleaning Machinery
Moving parts of machinery should not be cleaned whilst in motion..
6)        Care For His Neighbour
Each and every worker has to exercise due care for his neighbour.  This means that he should not do anything that could cause injury to his neighbour.
7)        Avoid Play at Work
Playing the fool; setting up pranks or frightening other workers at place of work could result  injury directly or indirectly.
8)        Regular Checks on Safety Devices
All safety devices for machines should be checked regularly by knowledgeable personnel.  The operator should report any malfunction and refrain from tampering with them e.g. fire extinguishers, fire pump, emergency stop buttons limit switches and brakes for cranes.
9)        Accident Reports and Investigations
All accidents however small should be reported to their immediate supervisor and be investigated.
10)      The Right Worker for the Right Job
The state of health and alertness of every worker should be considered when assigning duties. Tiredness, sleepiness, overwork or illness could result in injury to the worker himself or others.
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