Safety Drill (Boiler Simulation)

Boiler simulation


Boiler simulation (safety drill)

– the purpose of the drill is to check whether the safety equipment on the can work properly. Safety drills are usually done once a week.

We need to check:

1. Boiler alarm for high, low and low-low level.

2. Check the mobrey control when the water level is raised, it opens and closes when it is lowered

3. IDF / FDF / SA / Fiber Jet Fan conditions

4. Check the furnace draft fan

5. Interlock boiler

Boiler simulation



Step by Step Safety Drill

1. Test Alarm

Fill the boiler at normal water level. Increase water level to high water level Check whether the alarm / siren sounds or not, lower the water level to low level and test the alarm / siren sounds or not.


2. Test Mobrey Control

Check the mobrey control when the water level is high and low, whether the mobrey can open and close properly.


3. Induced Draft Fan, Forced Draft Fan, Secondary Draft Fan and Fiber Jet Fan

Check the induced draft fan, forced draft fan, secondary draft fan and fiber jet fan whether they are in good condition and can work properly. Check the amperage and record it and compare it with the normal operating amperage. Also check if there are vibrations that are excessive than usual.

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It should also be noted that the ampere condition of the IDF fan when the flue gas is cold and hot, there will be a difference.


4. Furnace Draft Fan

Check the furnace draft whether the vacuum in the furnace matches the vacuum recommended by the manufacturer


5. Interlock System

Turn on the induced draft fan, forced draft fan, secondary draft fan, fiber jet fan and feed . Pump water at normal level. Raise the water level to a high level. Notice if the alarm sounds and the water pump stops. Lower the water level slowly again until it reaches low water level. Check if the alarm sounds and the electric feed water pump continues.


Lower the water until it reaches low-low level. Check whether the interlock on the boiler can work properly.

– Induced draft fan stop

– Forced draft fan stop

– Secondary draft fan stop

jet fan stop

– The pump keeps running.